Dental researchers and microbiologists have confirmed that dental unit

waterlines can be contaminated with unacceptable levels of bacteria.  

For your protection and oral health we are using  DENTAPURE water treatment cartridges on each

of our dental units.  This advanced water treatment technology was originally developed for NASA 

and successfully used for over 20 years to ensure that water consumed in space was free of bacteria, 

viruses and other harmful organisms.  

DENTAPURE is a cartridge that is attached to the waterlines in the dental unit. As water passes through the cartridge

it releases a small amount of germicide, iodine, into the water.  The iodine kills all the harmful bacteria that are in 

the dental unit waterlines, delivering safe water to you during your dental procedure.  The elemental iodine in DentaPure

contains no allergenic proteins and is naturally occurring element in our bodies; it is safe for everyone. 

Your oral health and protection are important to us!  That is why we made the 

decision to treat our dental unit water with DentaPure, it is effective and most

importantly it is safe!